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Disposable Kit Program


As fabs strive to reduce Cost of Ownership, a large burden has been placed on companies who recycle PVD components. With the ever-increasing operational costs and environmental impact, they are finding it very difficult to meet customer requirements. These changes have led us to extensive development work and testing to bring a unique disposable type kit and components for many PVD systems. These kits not only provide simplified logistics and inventory control but also significantly reduce Cost of Ownership.


Current recycle process involves many internal costs associated with cleaning components; most of these steps are eliminated, as kits are completely new and ready for use. In several cases our Disposable Shield Kits for the Endura Systems have provided more than 40% in actual cost savings not including downtime and process improvements.


Utilization of Disposable Shield Kits also allows customers the flexibility to make design and configuration changes and not incur capital expenditure. In all cases our kit life and reduced particle levels have proven vastly superior to current processes.


These results show the promising capability of our design and manufacturing techniques and show that it was successfully optimized and implemented at several customer locations worldwide.


Each kit includes the new components needed to replace disposables according to manufacturer recommendations. Please specify the equipment manufacturer, model and maintenance procedure for current kit components and pricing.


Disposable kits typically include:

  • Single-use shield kit

  • Consumable spare parts



Lower Defect Density Performance
Example #1

Lower Defect Density Performance
Example #2