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Components such as Eclipse® Wafer Holder Assembly-Clamp Ring, Eclipse® Bearing Latch Assembly and Rebuild Kits for Eclipse® Bearing Latch-Tabbed Wafer Holder can be rebuilt for a cost-effective alternative to new parts. Many fab operators replace used components with new ones, rebuilding used units for inventory as a spare. This rotation reduces inventory expense and downtime. Muto offers both standard OEM and custom rebuilds. Contact us for a quote concerning your specific needs.


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Muto's bearing latches have many benefits over standard ceramic and stainless steel latches. Our bearing latches improve process performance by reducing friction and particle generation during latching and unlatching cycles. We achieve this by utilizing high quality miniature precision bearings along every axis of latch rotation. Ultimately, our bearing latches will provide your facility with ongoing, reliable service and quality in addition to superior process performance.

Muto's bearing latches arrive complete and ready to be assembled on your wafer holders. Currently, we offer bearing latches for both tabbed and clamp ring style wafer holders. Bearing latch rebuild kits are also available for your latch refurbishment needs.