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Total Kit Solution™ (TKS)

Total Kit Solution is a technology-enhanced process kit management service that reduces Cost of Ownership with zero cycletime and guaranteed kit availability. This service solution includes the cleaning, coating, refurbishment, replacement and logistics support required to manage process chamber kits. TKS packages include engineered components for improved reliability, better performance and longer life. Muto completely manages the inventory and associated costs, This enables improved chamber performance and predictability as well as reduced downtime, thereby increasing tool availability and lowering maintenance costs.


  • 100% availability of process kits  
  • Improvements in chamber uptime  
  • Consistent quality with guaranteed performance  
  • Provides access to continuous technology improvements


Reduce the environmental impact of your maintenance operations while recapturing 100% of precious metals by recycling components. Increase MTBC (Mean Time Between Cleans) while reducing particle countss (Particle Counts) and defect densities. Muto can even accommodate configuration changes during recycling with no additional cost to the customer. Recycling reduces component handling and inventory logistics, and downtime due to part mis-fits.